Welcome to Doorz where we believe that safe and attractive homes and workplaces begin with the right door. Doorz is a door maker and dealer for all types of doors. We are Your Door Replacement Specialists!
We are located in kasaragod,Kerala. Doorz is the best door dealer in Kasaragod.

We have extensive experience in door fitting for residential and commercial buildings. Our company is prepared to help with all types of door sales, services and installation.We have lot of door designs you can select from. We have simple and modern door designs, we also have glass door and wooden door designs. We provide doors at an affordable cost. In doorz you can find bedroom doors, Bathroom doors, office doors, Room doors, front doors, back doors, glass doors at very low price. Call now to check price or visit doors office near you in to check out demos. Please check out our doors design catalogs.


Doors and frames are an important feature of any construction activity. During the years many materials have been tried out in the manufacturing of these. But, FRP has been one of the best in the category. This opportunity was realised by DOORZ and thus it became one of the best dealer of FRP doors in Kasaragod.

High Durability

The lightweight material allows for a longer life span of the total openings as there is less stress on the frame and hardware.

Design & Colour

Consistent color quality and non-fading looks come as a result of dye-in-the-resin process.Available in different colours and designs.

Easy Installation

The doors and frames can be easily drilled and screwed onto the hinges and other fittings.


We have the following verieties of doors.

UPVC Doors

We have the following verieties of Seaoux UPVC doors.

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